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Originally Posted by Seventhzealot View Post
Now there's a way to get people hooked to your merch table if ever there was one and judging from your review, they're pretty good live too. Have to say, I haven't heard much of them, will check them out.

Oh and good choice on the Thulcandra CD there!
I recommend their second album, Level 2 the most. Level 1 is good, but way too many Deathcore moments. They didn't even play anything off of it tonight if that says anything.

It's an incredible album. I was suppose to get a copy of Omnivium from the venue, but when I got there they told me Obscura had less then 10 copies left for the rest of the tour, so The guy asked if I wanted a Autographed poster instead, so I jumped right on that. at the end of the night, the same guy came up to me and just handed this album to me. I have the new album and played Gates Of Eden on my radio show. I've been meaning to hear the first album.

With what Hannes told me. I kinda hope they don't go on the Summer Slaughter tour unless there is MINIMAL Deathcore bands. Obscura needs to be loved not booed by Whitechapel/Canifex/Oceano preteen dumbasses
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