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40. Paid in Full

Group: Eric B. & Rakim
Producer: Eric B, Marley Marl
Album Title: Paid in Full
Recorded: 1986-1987
Released: 1987

Paid in Full is the debut album of American hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim, released July 7, 1987, on the Island-subsidiary label 4th & B'way Records. The duo recorded the album at hip hop producer Marley Marl's home studio and Power Play Studios in New York City, following Rakim's response to Eric B.'s search for a rapper to complement his disc jockey work in 1985.

"Paid in Full is credited as a benchmark album of golden age hip hop. Rakim's rapping, which pioneered the use of internal rhymes in hip hop, set a higher standard of lyricism in the genre and served as a template for future rappers. The album's heavy sampling by Eric B. became influential in hip hop production. The record has sold over a million copies and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it platinum in 1995. In 2003, the album was ranked number 227 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time."

The Album that introduced Rakim to the world. During the time of this albums release there was no hip hop group or act, mc, rapper that came close or could touch these guys, more importantly rakim. THERE WAS NO ONE THAT CAME EVEN CLOSE TO SOUNDING LIKE THIS GUY DURING THIS TIME AND ERA, BORN BRED ORIGINAL(Like Kool G Rap, krs one, basically he is one of a few to start it all..He is an Original) This is considered by many as the greatest hip hop album ever made(on many peoples list as number one) but I totally disagree. A definite classic for sure and a must have but I consider this to be the WEAKEST out of their 4 releases. Not even close to my favorite album by them. This is when we are introduced to rakim and get to know the monster mc that he is but i don't think Rakim truly started to mature and turn into the legendary titan that he is until the 90s came strolling along. That is when he went from "this up coming cat from N.Y with CRAZY SKILLZ ON THE MIC" to mother fucking

But don't get me wrong I fucking love this album to death. I still reminisce on the good ol' times blasting this in my friends car while carpooling to school back in 2004', it definitely holds good memories of the good ol' days...when things were good and simple...just like hip hop . Everyone looking to get into golden age of hip hop should most definitely cop this outta tha box, but like I said earlier, I don't think we see rakims true potential until the 80s are over...good god the shit they came out with in 1990-1992 was just Incredible. Anyways cop this album folks. A great album and another example of what helped the hip hop movement move along during its run in the 80s.. But like I said earlier, this is far from the best album they made. We don't see Rakim for his true epic potential until the 90s(but that's just my opinon)

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