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Arrow Sebastian Bach -- New York, NY -- November 10th, 2011

What the hell a band consisting of 12 year olds were doing opening for Bach, I will never know, it was awful and I wish to erase it from my memory forever. Someone had to know someone, I felt like I was at a middle school talent(less) show.

Bach was awesome as usual, the guy still sounds great.

Slave To The Grind
Kicking And Screaming
Big Guns
My Own Worst Enemy
Here I Am
(Love Is) A Bitchslap
Stuck Inside
Piece Of Me
18 And Life
American Metalhead
Stabbin' Daggers
I'm Alive
Monkey Business
You Don't Understand
I Remember You
Youth Gone Wild
Dirty Power

Still waiting for the day I get to see Midnight/Tornado live, best song ever.

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