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I'm very shocked someone else from the board was at the show, I thought only Fonz was from the area.

Anyways on to the good stuff
The first two bands I am very good friends with We Are Legion and Australis. Australis is going to be the next big Death metal band, their drummer is the new Inferno from Behemoth....seriously! WE are legion features a few very good friends of mine and as their singer said during their set "Australis makes us look like Pink FLoyd." And We Are Legion is a very brutal Death MEtal band.

Then came Last Chance TO Reason, they did get a really good respnse. I almost jizzed my pants at the way their drummer was playing blast beats, holy fuck it was insane. If there is any live video of Last Chance TO Reason, just look at the drummer, and you'll understand. Even a non-drummer will be able to tell. They will be back here November 30th opening for Protest The Hero and Scale The Summit...I will be there.

Then came Abysmal Dawn who blow the fucking house down, I hadn't heard them before but they were fucking incredible. I gotta look more into them.

Obscura, as mentioned above, was the best band of the night, just absolutely killer from start to finish. And after a few comments, Obscura won't be opening for Morbid Angel anytime soon.

After the show I waited tot try to get a setlist, they only had one, but they kept it which is all good to me.

I talked to Hannes Grossmann at the merch table (got him to do a Station ID for my show as well.) but anyways....

Obscura got the offer to be on Summer Slaughter, Hannes said they will take it if there is very few Deathcore bands, since they get poor reception from Deathcore fans. Which I can't blame them, if they don't take it, they'll headline again in the summer.

Then Hannes was asked to do a TV spot so I let him be and thanked him, then i talked to the singer of Last Chance To Reason. I bought one of the best shirts ever, that I'll post a pic of when my phone is done charging. (15 bucks) I got him to do a station ID as well, and told him they died a hell of a jobb and that I'd be back on the 30, he said that he's really happy to hear that and some big plans are coming in 2012, none of which he can talk about yet. Maybe on the 30th I'll buy him a shot and see if he'll tell me.
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