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Originally Posted by endless_pain View Post
I arrived to Station 4 at around 9:30 I was thinking that I might catch Abysmal Dawn but, when I got there I heard the opening to Septuagint. That's fine with me...I mainly wanted to catch Obscura. This was my second time seeing them and of course they did not dissappoint. It was really nice seeing them headline AND they played my favorite song from Cosmogenesis......... INCARNATED

Vortex Omnivium
Ocean Gateways
Orbital Elements
Anticosmic Overload
Universe Momentum
Drum Solo
Centric Flow
Damn I didn't think anyone else was going to be there from here. I'm not sure if I saw you, did you happen to catch me at all. Tall guy, glasses, Periphery Jacket and The Ocean t-shirt?

It was an incredible show. My review will be rnext. I got some insider info from Hannes.
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