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Originally Posted by coltongsmith View Post
doesn't he understand that more than two or three songs can be played off a new cd and that changing the setlist encourages people to go to the show?
Well when most of your new album sucks and is pretty much all b-sides and fillers it's understandable why not much would be played off it. As far as changing the set encouraging more people to go see them, I don't really think that's true. There's only a small percntage of people that know the setlists for shows ahead of time. Most people who go to shows have no clue what the set will be. So if you don't wanna go because of the set, you're really in the minority.

I get keeping the standard stuff but this set does suck. Trust is not a good opener and IMDH second doesn't really work for me. They should move WUD and Hangar to the first two songs and at least kick the set off properly.

Also, Who's Life is one of the worst songs on the album and the fact that they're doing it is a fuckin joke. Puplic Enemy is good but hopefully something like Sudden Death, Never Dead or Deadly Nightshade takes the place of the awful Who's Life Is It Anyways.
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