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Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour -- Kansas City, MO -- November 9th, 2011

As much as I wanted this to be a nostalgic trip back to the early 00's pop punk scene, it was more like a showcase of how pop-punk has morphed through the last ten years, with New Found Glory capping off the night to show all these young bands how it's done. And it was great! I sung along to pretty much every New Found Glory song. It was my first time seeing them in ten years, and they sounded great! They are the masters or melodic hardcore/pop-punk. For their encore, they covered Green Day and The Ramones while flying the "Pop Punk's Not Dead" banner behind them. They even brought out a bunch of confetti canons during "My Friends Over You"! Lots of moshing, lots of jumping, lots of singing along. The venue was huge, but there was a good sized crowd that knew every word. It was amazing, and I can't wait to see them again!

New Found Glory:

Intro (Track 1 from Catalyst)
Don't Let Her Bring You Down
Better Off Dead
All Downhill From Here
Anthem Of The Unwanted
Something I Call Personality
At Least I'm Known For Something
I'm Not The One
Truth Of My Youth
Listen To Your Friends
Failure's Not Flattering
Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer cover)
Dressed To Kill
Forget My Name
Hit Or Miss
Basket Case (Green Day cover)
Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)
My Friends Over You

Opening was Set Your Goals. I'd sat and listened to them a few years ago at Warped Tour, and thankfully they were better this time around. It was a bit hard to hear the vocalists at times, but they worked through it. They seem to have a big hip-hop influence in their brand of pop-punk, just how they aesthetically play their music, but it was still fun.

Set Your Goals included:

Goonies Never Say Die!
Summer Jam
Product of the 80s

Before SYG though was a band it looked like the majority of people in the crowd came for: The Wonder Years. They brand themselves "realist pop-punk" and it really is infectious. I'd say other than New Found Glory, The Wonder Years played the best version of pop-punk that night. Definitely memorable, lots of energy and the crowd was super into it. It's too bad they aren't bigger than they are, they definitely deserve it. Amazing stuff!

The Wonder Years:

Came Out Swinging
Melrose Diner
Local Man Ruins Everything
Logan Circle
My Last Semester
Don't Let Me Cave In
Hoodie Weather
Washington Square Park

I arrived at the venue during the band This Time Next Year. They were pretty good, except their singer was kind of off-key most of the time and their three guitar attack kind of just made everything inaudible. But I'll definitely be checking them out!

New Found Glory: 9/10
Set Your Goals: 7.5/10
The Wonder Years: 9/10
Man Overboard: 7/10

Okay haters, let's go.
11/5 - Wayfarer
11/9 - Black Dahlia Murder & Napalm Death
11/17 - NOFX
11/25 - Henry Rollins
12/1 - Extinction A.D.

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