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42. Word...Life

Artist: OC
Producer: Buckwild, Lord Finesse of the Diggin in tha Crates Crew
Album Title: WORD LIFE..
Year released: 1994

You lack the minerals and vitamins irons and the niacin
Fuck who that I offend rappers sit back I'm bout to begin
bout foul talk you sqwak never even walked the walk
More less destined to get tested never been arrested
My album will manifest many things that I saw did or heard about
or told first hand never word of mouth
What's in the future for the fusion in the changer?
Rappers are in danger who will use wits to be a remainder
When the missile is aimed, to blow you out of the frame
Some will keep their limbs and, some will be maimed- OC

"Word...Life is the 1994 debut album from underground Hip Hop artist O.C., who came to prominence in hip hop because of the album. It also helped establish his membership in the legendary Hip Hop crew D.I.T.C., which includes Lord Finesse, Showbiz & A.G., Diamond D, Fat Joe, Big L and Buckwild, who produced the majority of this album."

Some people compare this album to illmatic which I don't get at all. Sound nothing alike, different rappers DIFFERENT STYLES of mcing!...and don't get me started on the production!!!....anywaysss. Great album. A must have for those looking to get into the golden age of hip hop(the golden age of hip hop started from 88-95. I say it went up untill 1998 when the LAST truly great epic hip hop album came out...the very last true amazing gem to come out before the genre fucking died and got wacked by todays commerical ass hats.....but we are too soon in this shitter so I will get into that album later..

Word Life is an epic album from start to finish. It has everything. Your track with the typical "Fuck the police" attitude from start to finish on "Constables". You have your epic battle rap track where you let your light shine and show these people what you are all about on the epic "Times up". You got the "Chick left me but she was nothing but a skeezer hoe" song and even some really deep ones like "story" which tells the story of a junkie and how his addiction is putting his families life in danger and the results are very sad and depressing. The things that Rapper OC has to share are very deep and meaningfull, especially on the title track of the album. The beats laced by Buckwild and Lordfinise are works of art. A definite classic in my opinion and one of the greatest in 94'. Get it folks if you trying to find the meaning of "WORD..LIFE" its here baby pa....

Also those wondering...DITC aka DIGGIN IN THE CRATES CREW are a hip hop group from the early 90s formed by abunch rappers hailing from new york, mostly the bronx. They never came out with a debut group album untill the late 90s which kina sucks. Why would you come out with your debut album almost 9 years after your formation? Oh well, but before that happend, they all released individual solo records from 92'-95' and they are all classics, even fat joes! Who would a thunk that cat was old school? You could say they are like the opposite of wu tang when it came to releasing records. Wu tang released they're debut group album first...then they went on to release individual solo albums(gzas liquid swords, raes cuban linx, ghost faces iron man, you get the picture?). DITC released a shit tun of solo before they decided to do a group album which i think is a bit too late and stupid(especially when one of your members is deceased around the time of the making of the group album ). Anyways heres a better understand of the group for those interested in checking them out.

Diggin in the Crates Crew

Anyways cool rant bro, here are some songs of Word Life for ya'll to scope out! checka-check iiiiiiit out!

Times Up


Word Life...

8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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