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43. De La Soul is DEAD

Group: De La Soul
Producer: Prince Paul
Album Title: De La Soul is Dead

"Macy's department store, the scene for Santa's kisses
An' all the little brats demandin' all of their wishes
Time passes by as I wait for my younger brother
He, asks his wish, I waste no time to return him back to Mother
As I'm jettin', Millie floats in like a zombie
I ask her what's her problem, all she says is, "Where is he?"
I give a point, she pulls a pistol, people screamin'
She shouts to Dill, he's off to Hell 'coz he's a Demon
None of the kids could understand what was the cause
All they could see was a girl holdin' a pistol on Claus
Dillon pleaded mercy, said he didn't mean to
Do all the things that her mind could do nothin' but cling to
Millie bucked him an' with the quickness it was over"
- De La Soul

This album is just a pure classic. From start to finish. Easily De La Souls masterpiece. everything before this album and after is really good but this is when the group truly started to shine. The album is laced with classic hip hop tunes like "My brothers a base head" in which we see the members talking about their crack head family members and the addiction that they have succumbed too. Or the infamous "Millie Pulled a pistol on Santa" which will go down as one of the greatest songs in the history of hip hop. The song tells a story of a little girl named millie. She gets raped and fucked every night and abused by her father. Her father also happens to be the Santa Clause at the mall and works for her school. long story short, millie tells her friends and people but no one believes her so she goes fucking crazy one day and decides to go to the mall and kills her father in front of a bunch of kids waiting in line to get on santas lap... and boom the story is over....BUT IT'S PLAYED OUT SO WELL AND IS IN UNDENIABLELY...A FUCKING CLASSIC HIP HOP SONG...on a classic hip hop record.

This is also a concept album too if you guys like that kind of shit, the only thing this album does bad at is skits and fillers. Jesus Chris there is probably 20 skits and fillers on this goddamn album. But it's made up by the amazing songs that are laced through out the album. SO GET THIS ALBUM FOLKS. YOU won't regret it! easily one of the best hip hop gems of 1991.

Ok folks, sorry but I just feel like doing that thing where I have to drop a little rant on something so here it goes....

I have a huge LOVE/HATE relationship with De La Soul. As musicians I love them to death. But as human beings I think they are all pieces of shit that need to die in there pile of shit. Basically I'll try and make it short...

In 2009 I decided to go to the Paid Dues Hip Hop festival which was in Berkley CA. 8 Hours away from me. It also happens to be on my birthday so I said FUCK IT WHY NOT? So we go on my birthday to PAID DUES in San Fransisco. We got are tickets months before this so we had this planned out really well. After about 8 hours of driving, total-ING my car and crashing the the front making it totally useless now.....we finally get to S.C., go to our friends uncles pad where we would be staying the night, unpack our stuck and head to the venue where the show is to be taken place. Oh and this was the line up

Sage Francis

and MANY MORE.....

We get there....we happen to be the first people in line. AND WE ARE SO FUCKING PUMPED. I mean we are about to see fucking DE LA SOUL!!! DEL THE FUNKEE HOMO SAPIEN. Fuckin sage francis. we are all jumpin' up and down in such joy........

Only to have some guy open the door and tell us the show got canclled on the very last minute

I couldn't believe was like as if someone just took a giant shit in my face, then proceeded to take piss all over it. and once the piss drenched off they proceeded to puke in my soul....

I was so bummed out, I didn't even know what to much was going on and racing in my head, my friends were all trying there best to make me feel better. Ever since that faith full day of june 14th 2009, i lost alot of respect for some of my favorite hip hop artist. IN FACT, I was so upset during that time that I threw out all my de la soul cds, SAGE francis cds EVERYTHING. I didn't wanna have anything to do with them. And to know that I have another 8 hours of shitty driving ahead of me after all ready dring 8 straight hours and crashing the front end of my car rendering it USELESS?....ALL FOR NOTHING


The music you guys put out will stay true to my heart but as human beings I hope you all go to the shitter.....Fuck this shit I'm out. Gotta go get ready for work. I'll be back to do this later...

Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa
........EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG. This is a fucking classic...

Fanatic of the B word

Pease Porrdige

Glad to see some people are actually scoping this thread out
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