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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
I voted for Dystopia. I think Worship Music is really solid, too, but I only really love the first half of the album. The rest is kinda "meh" to me. Dystopia is really solid throughout and very catchy as well. Some of my favorite IE material to be honest. Though there is one thing I have to say: as much as I love Stu (I was really into Into Eternity a couple of years back) and think he's an amazing vocalist and the perfect guy for Iced Earth right now, I would've loved to hear what this album would've sounded like with Barlow on vocals. There is some straight up classic-sounding Iced Earth stuff on it and Matt's voice would've been perfect for it.
You should go back and listen to The Constant and Revolution Screams from Worship Music again. They are both very good songs and Revolution Screams is one of my favorites on the album.

There's no doubt in my mind that Barlow would've done a good job on the new Iced Earth. When I listen to Anthem I picture Barlow singing it in my mind. But there are a few parts i'm not sure if he had the range to do anymore, like in the pre-chours of Dystopia or the high notes on Boiling Point. Stu is like ten years younger than Matt and he has the vocal strength and range to give the new album an extra something i'm not sure Matt could've brought at this point. Matt is still a very good singer but Stu's performance on this album is something else.
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