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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I was totally going to go to this until Death Angel cancelled and Mercenary's new album turned out to suck. Then I didn't care.
Yes, I was gutted by Death Angel pulling out but can't blame them for favouring the Anthrax/Testament tour in the States.

I initially thought same about the Mercenary album, but having heard loads of it live now I quite enjoyed it when I put it on after the gig.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I see November's a busy time for you guys too.
Yes, right up until Xmas is and those on the site are just the ones we're confirmed to review at the moment. Between us we're also seeing...

11/11 - Within Temptation
25/11 - Monster Magnet / Turbowolf
01/12 - Judas Preist / BLS / Thin Lizzy
03/12 - Cathedral
08/12 - Bryan Adams (Hehe, Birthday present for my Mother-in-law!)
14/12 - Def Leppard / Motley Crue / Steel Panther
22/12 - Lock Up / The Rotted / Dripback
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