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The Ocean -- Brooklyn, NY -- November 8th, 2011

Saint Vitus is a pretty cool venue. Very intimate. Having seen them at the Poughkeepsie show they did with Townsend, this one was very stripped down. No lights, no visuals, and honestly, it was still pretty killer. Those guys can put on a show. I have never seen a crowd lift someone up that high (though, since it was the vocalist, Loic, I'm not surprised).

After reading the set they did in Minnesota, I was actually kinda disappointed at how short they were playing for a headlining tour. Then, they completely destroyed with this (much longer) setlist:

Grand Inquisitor II: Roots and Locusts
Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazov Baseness
Origin of Species
Origin of God

Awesome show. If anyone lives in the Buffalo/Worcester/Toronto area, I HIGHLY recommend you get down to one of these shows before they had back to Europe.
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