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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
From being a fan of Opeth since Deliverance. I guess I must be dense.

The only reason, in my eyes, to feel jipped is because there is some rare songs in the set. But I know that's not why a lot of people are bitching about the set. I see nothing wrong with this set, and I see nothing wrong with the US sets. If anything, the US fans got a very special set because it's probably never going to happen again. As much as Mikael doesn't want to do Death Metal anymore, this current set shows that it's never going to fully go away. Even if it just means playing the songs from the past.
I not asking you why you think it was a good set. I'm asking you if you can understand why other people wouldn't like it. Do you think your view is the only correct one? Regardless of whether or not it would happen again, some people were going to be disappointed by the set. I'm not saying you're wrong for thinking it was a good, but your comment was immature and made you seem like a douche, hence why I responded the way I did.
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