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44. Group Home: Living Proof...

Producer: Dj Premier
Title: Living Proof
Released: 1995

What happens when you get two stick up getto fools with no skills at all, hailing from East N.Y and put them with ARGUABLY...THE GREATEST HIP HOP PRODUCER of all time...HELL, INSTRUMENTALIST of ALL TIME because that's what this genius is!!!!. You get this flawed Masterpiece..... Ahem let me restart, if I'm confusing some.

Folks. Those of you that don't know me well should know by now that I


GANG STARR. They are one of the greatest hip hop duos and acts of all time. They paid a shitload dues to the hip hop world starting in 1987 all the way to their horrific break up in 2004. I will get into the gang starr legacy later but i should just let you all know for those that are not familiar with the group...Gang starr has ALWAYS


BE TWO PEOPLE. Guru(REST IN PEACE BROTHER, SEE ON THE OTHER SIDE) And his 2nd hand man-side kick Master mind behind all the beats, horns, scratches, EVERYTHING...DJ PREMIER. Those curious on who the fuck they are should just google them. THEY ARE LEGENDARY and i will get into them later....


Group Home:Living Proof is a great album. Atleast when it comes to the production. The album is fucking incredible MUSICIALLY. Some of the greatest hip hop beats and simply...some of the greatest music in the history of the culture can been seen and heard on this album. DJ Premier is a fucking God. How does he do it? I don't know. But he was blessed with a touch. The golden touch as guru puts it. Anyways the production and music on this album is absolutely flawless but I cant say the same about the two rappers. I really try hard liking these fools but they are so one track minded and have little to fucking no substance in their lyrics. It's just the same shit, but i will admit they do shine in some songs, but the majority of the album is just plain WEAK SAUCE. But the only thing stopping me from turning this off is the flawless beats and epic music played through out the entire album. It's a damn shame Premier didn't use these beats for some one with more superior skills on the mic like Jeru the damaja or something. Anyways. Folks, if you guys like some GOOD ASS EPIC HIP HOP MUSIC. CHECK THIS OUT. But don't expect to find any meaning, substance or poetry in their rhymes. Don't get me wrong, some songs they really do shine but the over all album is just BAAAD....But god those premier beats are just soooooOOOOOO GODLY!!!!

Some say this is Premiers Magnum Opus. He really took his Production skillz to another level with this one.....but their is another album he did that tops this and is also backed up with incredible lyrics and poetry. but i will get into that more later as we proceed

Baby Pa EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG FROM START TO FINISH. Classic. A game of dice gone wrong compiled with epic DJ premier samplings and just all around amazing music and some meaningful rhymes

Up Against the Wall.....This beat is incredible and some pretty epic meaningful rhymes..................

2 Thousand.

Inner City Life
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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