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So, I got to the House of Blues at 4:30 sharp, met with dcmetal in line (both wearing identical Terror shirts- HOW CUTE), and shot the shit for 40 minutes until we got in since it's the fucking House of Blues, and they never get you in on time. The floor was really weird actually, since they had a large back portion of it railed off because there was some guy with more sound/electronic equipment set up for some reason. Really weird, since it cut down on the amount of people who could be in the pit.

Anyway, immediately met another dude in a Terror shirt and talked with him for a while while everyone else filed in. It got pretty packed for For Today, and I saw that the show was sold out. For Today started right at 5:30, and they were fucking great! I've been waiting to catch them for a while, and I'm a big fan. Huge pit erupted for them. Lots of slamming, you guys would have hated it. It got really fucking violent, and none of us were scene guys. Big hardcore guys. I was crowdsurfing during White Flag, and got to give Mattie a high-five, so that was pretty awesome. I think I saw 4 other guys in terror shirts, and a guy in a Terror sweatshirt who had a TUI shirt underneath. Not a lot of "scene" kids slamming. Great set by FT, also.

Anyway, sat back for Enter Shikari. Everyone seemed to love them a lot. They were... interesting. Fun to watch. I mean, sometimes it's just straight up dubstep! Anyway. I'd see 'em again.

Whitechapel came on next, and sounded great. I think they did a little better when I saw them earlier this year, and the crowd was definitely way more into them earlier this year. One too many songs off of the new album for me, but they played the best songs off of it, so I'm not complaining. I seemed to be the only person in the crowd singing out the old lyrics, too! It's kind of awkward when you're the only person screaming out, "ANAL SEEPAGE FLOWING/I CAN'T REPRESS THE URGE/THY CORPROPHAGIST SHALL INGURGITATE THE FILTH". Now, I'm pretty sure they played Prostatic after that, but I can't remember correctly. Maybe they didn't. Anyway, Wall of Death for This is Exile. Was around the same size as earlier this year. I got right in the front, and charged a split second early, lowered my shoulder, and I think I blew past the first couple people, because I look back and everybody was behind me! Really weird. Anyway. Good performance, even though it felt short.

The Devil Wears Prada really blew me away with their performance. They sounded great, and had awesome energy up on stage. Mike was just running back and forth like a madman. He's an amazing fromtman! The best songs they played were the Zombie EP and Dead Throne ones. You can definitely tell in my opinion that the older ones aren't as heavy or energetic as the newer ones. So I'm glad they played a ton of new stuff! I had a lot of fun, and the floor was packed, so most of the action was push moshing on the floor. I also like how they barely talk in between songs or during songs, they let the music do the talking. Complete opposite of the rest of that scene nowadays. Now that I think about it, Whitechapel didn't talk at all between songs either. Anyways, it was awesome. I already showed how their image has changed, and I love it. They don't look scene at all. There were still a decent amount of scen-y looking kids there, but not nearly as much as I expected. Great concert, overall! TDWP and For Today were way better than I expected, and blew me away. Cool time meeting dcmetal, also!
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