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Originally Posted by ryan_streets View Post
it really didnt get cold until about 4. and the guys i was with just discussed best albums from different bands, religious debate, did some "would you rather's". i walked over to the mall once or twice to pee and went down to quiznos to get a drink real quick. I was the guy closest to the fillmore on the right in a Trivium hoodie. you may have seen me while you were getting your tickets.
Yeah I def saw that crowd lol

I recall there was, right before we passed, an androgynous person walking and someone in the line said rather loudly that they didn't know if that was a dude or a chick. LOL

Interesting, but I just usually don't get pumped in that way for a show- I listen to a lot of the band, look at setlists, decide when to get there, debate beverage choices, etc. 7 hrs of waiting! might as well be at work!

But I meant a stronger drink :3
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