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Title: The 18th Letter
Producers: Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dj Clark Kent and many more
Year: 1997

"I want a mahogany Benz, I want lottery ends
I want property, friends, plus my hobby is skins
If I decide we in sin, then my prophesy ends
But the God'll begin, watchin my odyssey spin
in the place where war be, based on a true story
Territory was made for me to pursue glory
Blast alone masses in zones have to be sewn
Every capacity blown, I'm internationally known, yo" - Rakim Allah

The only other MC behind Kool G. Rap that comes to mind as "Greatest mc of all time" would be this man. RAKIM ALLAH. He is a hip hop legend and has not only paid his dues in the hip hop game but is considered by many hip hop heads and the rap-world as the greatest rapper to ever exist or touch a mic. Anyways, This is his first solo album after breaking off with his side kick and dj; eric B. Great album but what it fails at is some really bad production especially by dj clark kent and other cats who got on this cd. It really pains me to hear it because rakim blesses them all with his off the wall Rhyme Schemes but is made up by legendary producers such as Gang Starrs DJ Premier on such songs like "NEW York" where rawh pays his dues to the place that he was born in or the epic "It's been a long time" where rakim goes on about how hes been missing in action for awhile after not being in the hip hop scene for half a decade. Its like a double edge sword I guess...In the end I still love it and it has some great stand outs. Also Rakim is just fucking GODLY PERIOD...

Its been a long time..

The Saga Begins

New York
7/18 - Morbid Angel
8/2 - Morbid Saint
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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