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I'll copy + paste my post from the 2011 thread:

I actually bought Megadeth's new album. Only $12 at Better Buy, so I said what the hell. The opener, 'Sudden Death' is a really solid song. The intro reminds of me of '80's Megadeth, especially the guitars. 'Never Dead' is probably my favorite tune. Really fast, w/ an awesome rythym. Other than that though, it's nothing special to me. I still haven't listened to tracks 9-> end, so maybe there will be some gems there.

In my opinion, and sounds like they tried to make another 'Countdown'. I wasn't a big fan of CTE, as I really like Megadeth's heavier albums. I at least give them credit in that they didn't simply make another 'Endgame'. EG was a solid album, a good amount heavier than this one. Either way, I still look forward to checking out the last few songs.

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