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I was there - all in all a great night of thrash. The Fillmore is an excellent venue; old guys like me can hang on the 2nd level and get a good view of the stage and avoid flying boots.

Death Angel was great - too bad only a handful of songs.

Testament simply tore through their set - no BS, everyone completely comfortable, awesome set list. Eric's custom Dean guitar is sweet - I know Alex gets all the hype but Eric is the driving force behind their sound.

Originally Posted by AnataFan4Life View Post
Joey sounded spot fucking on and his voice has aged well. Him and Scott worked the crowd all too well...
Joey did sound very good - I was surprised. I disagree that Joey worked the crowd well - I thought he was kinda boring.

Originally Posted by AnataFan4Life View Post
One thing I really loved about their performance was how much of their stuff you could sing along to.
I agree with this - fun songs to sing along to as well.

I haven't seen Anthrax in over 18 years, so I had no idea what to expect. Following that Testament set has to be daunting. They started out strong, but I thought they faded a bit in the middle. Too many lame extended song finishes. They did have a strong end to their set though, mostly thanks to Among The Living.

I believe they played 2 verses of Refuse/Resist - that was cool.

Like most, I think they could have added 2 more tunes for us. Pretty much anything would have done...

And to the guy I was chatting with who said I was crazy that I saw the Sound of White Noise tour in 1993 ("Nahhh, that album came out in like 2001!"), please go check the date on your CD case and suck it.

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