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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
That's awesome that you hung out with Corpsegrinder!

Eyehategod definitely did not play that many songs unfortunately, but I would imagine the couple that I'm missing are amongst that set list.

Do you know what Cannibal's first two songs were?
Unfortunately, I don't. I asked him and I think he told me, but I forgot it.

...In my defense, I was hacking up black shit thanks to the dust and nursing an eye injury from Slayer.

Also, I don't think Jihad was that far down in the setlist. I think it was played after War Ensemble (or somewhere around there).
4/24 - Godflesh?
4/28 - AiC
5/2 - Combichrist
5/3 - TDEP?
5/5 - Master?
5/12 - Nile
5/24 - Down OR Dax Riggs
7/15 - Motley Crue?
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