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Anthrax -- Silver Spring, MD -- November 6th, 2011

Earth on Hell
Fight 'Em Till You Can't
Caught in a Mosh
I'm Alive
The Devil You Know
Got the Time
In the End
Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
Among the Living
Metal Thrashing Mad
I Am The Law

The doors to the Filmore were at 7 and by the time got inside about 8:05 Death Angel were playing their next to last song, which kinda sucked. Testament were awesome. we were pretty close to the stage. Then i chugged a couple of beers before Anthrax came on. Anthrax were fuckin awesome tonight. I may be a little off on the set due to all the beer i drank. My girlfriend and me we very close to the stage standing in from of Scott Ian the whole time. Joey was moving around on stage a lot and he sounded great. Thier set just seemed to go by so fast, I don't know if its because I was drinking and enjoying the show or what. Would of been nice to hear Medusa or Be All End All, but its cool cause they were really good. So glad i went.
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