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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
So in 4 years they went from Emo's at Hot Topic to Hipster's from Starbucks?
Well... yeah! But it's not scene, and not nearly as bad in my mind.
Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
>he cares about a band's image
Srs response to a non-srs post:

Come on, everyone cares about a band's image to an extent. If Iron Maiden was touring wearing skinny jeans, 2007 myspace haircuts, and SET YOUR GOALS shirts, are you telling me you wouldn't care? How about black metal? Why do all the elitists hate Liturgy? That genre has always been a popularity contest with your image. Hell, hardcore was always a popularity contest based on image also. Why do people love Gwar? Ghost? Portal? It's not all because of the music. Image certainly plays a part into their essence of a band. So yeah, I care about the music first and foremost, but image help define a band and determine if they are a band I'm proud to rep, or if they're a guilty pleasure I don't wanna associate with.
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