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Slayer -- Austin, TX -- November 6th, 2011

venue: FunFunFun Fest, Auditorium Shores

World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide
War Ensemble
Psychopathy Red
Spirit In Black
Dead Skin Mask
Hell Awaits
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
Silent Scream
Season In The Abyss
South of Heaven
Raining Blood
Black Magic
Angel of Death

Cannibal Corpse (missing a couple)
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
I Cum Blood
Sentenced To Burn
Pit of Zombies
Fucked with a Knife
The Wretched Spawn
Priests of Sodom
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped and Strangled

Eyehategod (missing a couple)
Jackass in the Will of God
White Nigger
Sister Fucker
$30 Bag
New Orleans in the new Vietnam
Dixie Whiskey

Another year of FunFunFun down and some great performances all around (on the day I went anyway). This was the first year of the festival at a new location, Auditorium shores, which is essentially on the shore of the lake, directly south of downtown Austin. It definitely seemed larger than the previous venue, Waterloo park, but it was not any less dusty. As a result of the wonderful drought this year and the Texas sun combined with mosh pitting made for a dust bowl near any stage that had a pit going. Needless to say, everyone was sporting bandanas most of the day. However when my girlfriend dropped my roommate and I off a light rain had started, which was both appropriate for eyehategod and also kept the dust down for a little bit. After stashing our contraband and heading through security we entered the fest around 3:45 with plenty of time to grab a beer and make our way to the black stage to get a good view for EHG. $6 for a 16oz Newcastle or Heineken is to be expected from a festival and also pre-gaming was a big help on my wallet as I was sporting a substantial buzz when we arrived.

So with EHG scheduled to go on at 4:30 we had our spot on Jimmy’s side of the stage as they sound checked. 4:20 hit and the crowd started puffing away when all of the sudden Mike Williams could be heard through the PA asking if they could start and then with the rain clearing we were quickly drenched in sludgy goodness. At a festival with such tight time slots I was really happy to get an extra 10 minutes of music from the New Orleans boys. In the spectrum of EHG shows this was probably on the more sober ends for Mike I’m assuming since it was a daytime show, but he was still entertaining as ever. Between songs at some point he also dropped a “hey, fuck you glenn” and the crowd laughed and cheered. Watching Jimmy Bower riff with a cigarette dangling from his lips and the whole band locked in is just pure metal bliss. New Orleans in the New Vietnam was awesome to hear, I can’t wait to have an official release with that track.

After Mike, Jimmy and the boys finished I needed more beer and some food to soak it up. There were a plethora of amazing Austin food trucks serving as the food vendors, but the lines were horrendous and I can eat at those places anytime so I just got a shitty piece of pizza because there was no line. At this point my roommate ran into some co-workers who were headed to the blue stage for Del tha Funkee Homosapien. We headed back that way with them since I was headed in the same direction for Cannibal Corpse anyway. I could’ve stayed for the first few minutes of Del, but I’ve seen him twice before both with a live band and DJ, so getting a good spot for CC took priority. I thought that there was a lot of weed smoking at 4:20 with eyehategod, but the Cannibal Corpse crowd make Cheech and Chong look like Ronald and Nancy Reagan. ‘I Cum Blood’ and ‘Fucked With A Knife’ were the highlights of the set. Since they are currently recording a new record in Texas I had hoped to hear something new. Before ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ Corpsegrinder told the crowd that it was their last song and he was going to “come to your house and kill your mother and sister if you aren’t slamming”. With that the song kicked in and the pit quadrupled in size, easily becoming as wide as the entire stage. The pit stayed massive and crazy when they dropped ‘Stripped, Raped and Strangled’ as the actual closer. And with that their set was over, good for a festival, but everyone wanted more. The crowd then separated and you could clearly see the metal nerds hanging out for Boris and those headed to the main stage to stake out a spot for Slayer.

I grabbed a fresh Newcastle and met up with another buddy to watch Boris. I am not familiar with their material, but from what I saw they put on a great show. At this point I reconnected with my roommate and we watched the end of Flying Lotus and the beginning of Diplo before making our way to the main stage to watch Brian Posehn tell some jokes leading into Slayer. We had determined a meeting spot with some other people along the side of the sound board, but never saw them again in the insanity of the Slayer crowd. Posehn was hilarious as always and the crowd was actually very receptive, which was good for him. He finished his stand up set around 8:10 and the crowd was rabid for Slayer. Around 8:18 the intro music kicked in and red pentagrams adorned the white curtain shrouding the stage. ‘World Painted Blood’ kicked in and the white curtain dropped and the crowd surged forward. We quickly left the sound board area and headed forward. By the time they were into ‘War Ensemble’ we had found a much better spot on Jeff’s side of the stage, but no Jeff this time unfortunately; but Gary sounded great. I could do without ‘Bloodline’ but ‘Hell Awaits’ and ‘Black Magic’ more than make up for that. Before they started I considered making my way to the blue stage to catch some of Odd Future, but Slayer was just too good to leave.

I'm not familiar with Ted Leo, but I guess he played multiple Misfits covers yesterday as a 'fuck you' to Danzig.

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