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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Wow, that's a REALLY shitty Keep of Kalessin set. Pathetic.
Yeah, very disappointing indeed. It sounded really promising when they first announced they were going to be direct support for Mayhem too.

Guitarist Obsidian C. comments:

“It’s great to go back to the US and Canada so soon after we finished the last tour. We see that we have a growing fanbase in north america and it’s important for us to keep the momentum up overseas now.
The direct support slot also gives us a little bit more room than what we had on our previous north american tours, especially regarding the set-time so we will be able to show more of the diversity of Keep Of Kalessin to the fans by pulling out tracks from several albums.

I have been a fan of Mayhem since their De Mysteriis album and this album shaped me a lot as a guitar playing and songwriter and it will be an honour to share the stage with such a legendary band. It will also be great to tour with Attila who I worked closely with when he put vocals on Keep Of Kalessin’s Reclaim EP. Who knows, maybe I’ll pay him some booze and trick him into appearing on one of the songs from that album when we play it live.”
Assuming that setlist is correct, it's the same old stuff from Kolossus and Reptilian that they always play.


I just noticed a somewhat bald guy playing drums in those Keep of Kalessin videos. I'm guessing that Vyl must be busy with Gorgoroth's current European tour. That might help explain them not switching things up on the setlist.

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