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Cynic -- New York, NY -- November 5th, 2011

Great show. All the bands I was there for killed. The main guitar player from 3 actually popped a string during the last song, after which, he started playing so aggressively, they all popped and then he started dragging and swinging it around the stage.

Cynic were easily the best part of the show.

Hieroglyph (intro track)
Amidst the Coals (performed with Amy Correia)
Carbon-Based Anatomy
Evolutionary Sleeper
How Could I
Adam's Murmur
Elves Beam Out
King of Those Who Know (performed with Amy Correia)
Veil of Maya
Wheels Within Wheels
Integral Birth
Box Up My Bones
Space For This

Unfortunately, no Textures, but a flawless set, otherwise.

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