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Holy shit Powermaiden did a virtual Death set? Good man.

Let's analyze

1 Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
2 Suicide Machine
3 Crystal Mountain
4 Zombie Ritual
5 The Philosopher
6 Within The Mind
7 1000 Eyes
8 Spirit Chrusher
9 Spiritual Healing
10 Leprosy
11 Zero Tolerance
12 Symbolic
13 Infernal Death
14 Evil Dead
15 Scream Bloody Gore
16 Pull The Plug

Not bad, even for a n00b. I personally don't care for Within The Mind, and Scavenger isn't really a good choice for a live opener because of how long it is (despite being an otherwise fantastic song), and I'm probably the only Death fan on earth who doesn't unconditionally love The Philosopher, but other than that, solid. Anyone who stashes Evil Dead in a set is A-OK in my book.
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