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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
It's always good for a band to play sort of a full set when they know the turnout is bad. I saw Master a few years ago and my friend and I were 2 of 8 people that showed up, so they only played half a set. Last night I was the crowd for a show and the band played a full set. It seems like The Ocean was one of the better bands that would play a full set, even if no one showed up.
I've been to those shows too. Luckily most of the shows I go to with a very small turn out, The bands get into it more and just think of it as an exclusive show (That's what The Ocean said anyways, haha)

All you gotta do is look up The Origins of God (Live) *If there is any up yet on youtube* It was the PERFECT way to end a show. But even before that there was so much energy. It was like old school Bad religion playing Progressive Sludge Metal on stage.
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