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The Ocean -- St. Paul, MN -- November 4th, 2011

Before I start...The Ocean is one of the top 5 bands I have ever seen live, despite their short set HOLY FUCK!!!!

The night started off very fucked up, then went amazing. I got to Station 4 and waited outside for a half hour for the doors to open, all that was there was these group of deathcore kids. Which is odd because The Devil Wears Prada was playing in Minneapolis, I was thinking they were waiting at the wrong venue. NOPE. Turns out that there was 2 Deathcore bands opened the show. When I got inside, I thought tickets were 7 bucks. Again...NOPE. 3 BUCKS...That's right....3 FUCKING DOLLARS!!!!

The other part that scared the hell out of me was that The Ocean wasn't there yet. So I thought they canceled. Right when I was about to ask, they showed up. So that made me very happy.

They Deathcore opening bands sucked donkey balls. all under 21 year old deathcore kids with Oceano and As Blood Runs Black shirts on the first band was only noticeable because their breakdowns were the double bass riff from Metallica's One. Maybe they thought they were opening for Oceano and messed up. hahaha

The last opening band I do not remember the name of, but I'll call them Hodgepodge, because that's exactly what they were, a hodgepodge of random metal, Mainly one Thrash riff with a lot of The Burning Red/Supercharger era Machine Head riffs along with it. They also sucked.

Then after 3 horrible bands (The first show I ever went to when there wasn't one band that I didn't like as an opener) The ocean rocked the fucking house. I seriously couldn't have asked for more out of a band. They had the ultimate stage presence. Jumping all over stage, running in the crowd, throwing guitars into the crowd and pulling them back by only their straps. Everything about them was incredible, especially the biggest part...THEIR MUSIC. My god, they are so much heavier and insane live then by their albums. Ultimate showmanship by all 4 guys. Although they only played for roughly an hour they picked one hell of a setlist:

The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazon Baseness
She Was The Universe
The Origin Of Species
The Origin Of God

After the show I and a couple new friends I met at the show talked to guitarist, Jonathan Nido. for a good 20 minutes after. He is a hell of a good guy. He let us in that their bassist has to take a 2 year break starting in 2012 to get his masters in Architecture. But they are planning on doing ANOTHER double album and hopefully touring behind it. Sadly, he said this will have to be their make or break album to tour the states again. The Ocean is not going to quit making music, but touring might be a harder time.

Right before he finished packing I got him to do a quick Station ID for my radio show, and I let him know I'm playing The Ocean in 2 weeks on it, so I asked him what song to play, he requested Firmament. I will happily oblige.

Overall depsite the shittiest openers I've seen at a show (except for the deathcore band opening for Devin Townsend) back on October 8th. This is one of the absolute best shows I have ever seen The Ocean deserves to be HUGE!!!

*I also bought a shirt for 20 bucks. I'll post a pic if anyone wants to see it.*
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