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Anthrax -- Fort Lauderdale, FL -- November 2nd, 2011

I was so fucking pumped for this show, last show I was at was almost a month ago when I saw Cavalera Conspiracy. I was so excited to see Death Angel and Testament for the first time and Anthrax play more than like 6 songs in a small venue. I was fucking pumped! Me and my friends ate and left the house around 6:40 getting there at like 7:10. The doors were supposed to open at 7, but the line was so huge everyone got in around 7:30(Well people kept coming in after that, but fuck those guys).
Next think I know Death Angel came on and I didn't know much, but they were really good! I was very impressed by them and apparently they hand't played here in like 20 something years, which is pretty crazy. Regardless, they were a great way to open the show, but unfortunantly I was so excited for Testament and Anthrax I got a little impatient at times. Still, fun band live!
1. I Chose the Sky
2. Evil Priest
3. Claws In So Deep
4. Relentless Revolution
5. Seemingly Endless Time
6. The Ultra-Violence
7. Thrown to the Wolves
RATING: 7.5/10

So once they finished, I went and bought a Testament tour shirt(Already had a Anthrax one) and went to piss. Then I returned to my spot next to the stairs near the stage for Testament. I was very excited seeing these guys for the first time and the moment the lights turned off EVERYONE went crazy. The sold-out crowd was really showing their craziness at this point. Pits were already forming and everyone was ready. Once they went into the Preacher, the crowd exploded. Pits were violent, everyone was crazy. Testament sounded so much heavier and better live it was unbelievable. The show was so violent, I was hurt about 5 times when I WASN'T in the pit. Though some dick tried starting a fight but thankfully got kicked out Over the Wall and Into the Pit definitely were the heaviest songs of the set and got the most crowd reaction in the set(that's saying a lot). Though there was one huge problem, Testament were loud, REALLY FUCKING LOUD. Not loud in the good sense, in the sense "Holy shit this is painful, my ears are bleeding". It really fucked the set up for me and my ears are still ringing. Still great performance.

1. The Preacher
2. The New Order
3. The Persecuted Won't Forget
4. Envy Life
5. Over the Wall
6. Souls of Black
7. Into the Pit
8. Electric Crown
9. Henchmen Ride
10. More Than Meets the Eye
11. D.N.R.
12. 3 Days in Darkness
13. Disciples of the Watch
RATING: 8.5/10

Next, was the band that sold out the place in the first place, MOTHER FUCKING ANTHRAX, BITCH! I was so excited, it wan't even remotely humorous. Most of my friends there were there for Anthrax, but I had the largest feeling Anthrax would kill all.

The moment the background was dropped and the lights were off, the pit was already. And I'm saying the space open, people were pushing and shoving already . The moment the crowd saw Joey and everyone else they freaked and once Earth on Hell started, it didn't seem like what Anthrax played could matter, because everyone would go insane anyways. Earth on Hell came off to me as sloppy though (which was disappointing cause i was looking forward to it the most). Joey seemed to be skipping lots of words and taking breaths in between a lot. I was worried this would continue. Plus everything else seemed lacking. Thankfully I was proven wrong! Once Fight Em Till You Can't came on everything I worried about went away. Everyone sang their hearts out and moshed like crazy. Also the song sounded SO good live, I couldn't help myself from headbanging like a maniac. Once it was finished, they went into old shit and then I realized how pale in comparison their new stuff was live. EVERYONE WENT BAT SHIT INSANE. Once the opening riff to Caught in a Mosh opened the biggest fucking pit opened and everyone lost it, including me. People in the pit were running, pushing, singing along, everything. It was fucking insanity. Same went for Antisocial(which is fun as hell to sing along to live!). I Am Alive and The Devil You Know was the crowds break, but people were still singing a long like crazy. Then Indians came in and holy shit, all hell broke loose, AGAIN. Throughout this whole time I couldn't stop headbanging and moving. They just sounded so god damn good. Got the Time was even better, full of energy and being a face paced song it was full of energy and fun to sing along to as well. In The End was another break moment, but holy shit was it epic live. 2nd Best song off the new album live, right before Fight Em Till You Can't. They then ended with a surprise to the crowd, NFL! Such a good song to hear live and such a treat. By the way, little in the middle of the review, but Anthrax knows how to interact with a crowd, probably better than any band I have seen in a LONG LONG time. Not to mention the crazy amount of energy the whole band had. It was just an insane experience. Anyways back to the main review. So the band left after NFL and everyone began chanting for them. It was kind of funny because no one knew really what to say. People were yelling ANTHRAX, ONE MORE SONG, ENCORE, 3 MORE SONGS, 6 MORE SONGS, etc. It was hilarious. The band did come on back with Scott starting the riff of Madhouse. That really got everyone to get back on their feet, even if it was the end of this long, long day. Afterwords Scott had a speech about Fort Lauderdale and Dio. He mentioned how In The End was meant for Dio, etc, etc. They then went to Metal Thrashing Mad, which surprised a good amount of the crowd. By then it was obvious everyone was tired, but no one was giving up yet. Soon then Joey and Scott looked at us and said if there is one time to go fucking insane, its now. Then Scott just stood there a few seconds and yelled UNO, DOS, UNO, DOS,TRES and began Refuse/Resist.
HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. When they said go insane, THE CROWD FUCKING LISTENED. The whole floor was a violent insane pit. Everyone was moving, one way or another. It was possibly the biggest pit Ive seen... ever. Not to mention they did such a good damn cover, better than both Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy. Sadly, it only went to the first verse. Soon it came to the end and Anthrax ended with I Am The Law. Everyone continued to go crazy as usual, but mostly it was headbanging and singing along. They then said their good byes and left. Best band of the night, hands down and possibly best show I've been all year. It was just that damn good, I don't give a shit what they play, if they keep playing like this, I will see them anytime. I've enjoyed them live more than any of the BIG 4 (except maybe Slayer, but thats because I LOVE slayer). They did awesome, everyone of my friends admitted Testament didn't hold a candle to Anthrax live. Go see them, you won't regret it.

Earth on Hell
Fight 'Em Till You Can't
Caught in a Mosh
(Trust cover)
I'm Alive
The Devil You Know
Got the Time
(Joe Jackson cover)
In the End
Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
Metal Thrashing Mad
Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)
I Am The Law
RATING: 10/10
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