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Blaze Bayley -- St. Paul, MN -- November 2nd, 2011


His show was one of the MOST energetic, amazing, incredible performances I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life!!!!!!!!!! There may have been less than 50 people there, but he acted like he was playing in front of 50 thousand people!!! He got the crowd going by pumping his fists in the air many times and he also had them sing parts of songs a lot! Also, he would go from have one side of the stage do then the right. One time, he even went from left to right slowly at first then speeding up a bit and just went crazy with it! And his vocal performance was BEYOND AMAZING!!! He sounded much better than on the studio versions and actually went an octave higher than normal on some parts and still hit the notes!!! And the rest of the band were very energetic too!!! They would run back and forth, switching spots all the time! And during one of the songs, the lead guitar player came out into the audience and jammed out right in front of us!!! The show concluded with a big bombastic ending similar to the way AC/DC ends their songs! WOW!!! What an incredible evening!!!

Also, he took time to meet everyone after the show. The pics are on my dad's phone so I'll post those later when he moves them off.

And sadly because the tour is doing so poorly, PLEASE try your very best to see him and bring some friends along if possible. He really could use the support.

I'm pretty sure his set was exactly the same as the NY show so I'll just copy and paste that here.
1. The Brave
2. Futureal
3. Lord of the Flies
4. When Two Worlds Collide
5. Voices From the Past
6. The Launch
7. Steel
8. Killing Machine
9. Virus
10. Look for the Truth
11. Kill and Destroy
12. Blood and Belief
13. Man on the Edge
14. Manhunt
15. Robot
16. The Clansman
17. Stare at the Sun
18. I Like it Hot
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