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Originally Posted by TheClairvoyant View Post
Seeing these guys in the UK in Febuary, and I'd be very happy if they play this set, awesome that there starting to play 'Mann gegen mann' live!, although I would love them to add 'Ich tu der will', 'Tier', 'Zwitter', 'Adios' and of course 'Rammstein'

But damn this set is awesome nevertheless. Roll on febuary!
I agree - and I'd like to see them drop Hailfisch for something else from LIFAD, which I think is a great album... Luckily, they played alot from that when I saw them last year.

I'd also add "Los" and a few others...

I'm seeing them at the O2 in Dublin, which has more of a "theater" setup than an "arena" one, so I'm not sure how they will pull off the 2 stages there!
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