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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I personally think Anthrax are clueless when it comes to pleasing their fans live.
I think it's more Scott and Charlie being cluless than the whole band because the setlist selection has been a problem for ages. If you ever read or see any interviews with Joey or Frank they are very fan friendly and they seem to have a good idea what the fanbase is like and what they want. Unfortunately Scott and Charlie call the shots with the band and seem to be in another world when it comes to that.

They're great live and they always have a kick ass show. But they can certainly give Metal Thrashing Mad and Got The Time a break and play Among, KIITF or IMW in it's place. With only 14 songs there's no way they can say their isn't room to add in AIR as a regular.

I saw Joey solo about 7 or 8 years ago and he played Among, AIR, Medusa, In My World and Keep It In The Family. At least he gets it, but unfortunately he doesn't have the final say. Which is strange because with him back Anthrax is relevant again and he pretty much has the band by the balls. If he leaves again they'll be fucked worse than they were before he came back.
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