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Originally Posted by Grimjaw_Kurosaki View Post
Blaze bayley played 18 songs nearly 2 full hours! And that was to a group on 35 people in minnesota. And he gave it his all. I don't see why bigger names like anthrax wont so more for there fans. Its sad to see that the british bands like maiden priest and even blaze bayley do more for fans musicly then american bands.
I can't say it's an American thing. Foo Fighters and virtually all the Seattle bands Pearl Jam, Soundgarden always play 2+ hours. I personally think Anthrax are clueless when it comes to pleasing their fans live. I saw them with the Misfits years ago fully texpecting them to headline and instead they opened and play 8 songs, 4 covers. The fact that I've even considered seeing them again live after that is baffling but I'll give them 1 more chance. Be All, End All is a song I want to hear live 1 more time but no Among The Living or AIR is idiotic.
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