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I was actually most surprised to see Slave to the Dark in there. It was announced that Dante's, When the Night Falls, Damien and Angels Holocaust were being brought back, so that wasn't surprising. Still great nonetheless.

I think it's kind of a bummer that of three SWTWC songs, they picked My Own Savior and Stand Alone. Burning Times is cool. Stand Alone isn't bad, but not a favorite. As for My Own Savior, how does that song keep sneaking it's way into the setlist? Has it been removed at all since SWTWC came out, besides when they were opening for Megadeth? It's such a sub-par IE song and could be replaced with something much better from that record.

My only other complaint is that its not a Horror Show friendly set. Trust me, I was beyond stoked to hear that Damien was coming back, but why does Jon neglect that record so much? There's only ever 1 song from it at a time. I wonder if he holds it in the same place as Burnt Offerings. It's such a great record. I'd love to see Wolf, Jack, hell... even Ghost of Freedom would be sweet.

Hopefully when Iced Earth does their big production live DVD/live album, there will be a nice big variety of songs from all of the albums.
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