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This was a very good show to end the tour. Katatonia was on in terms of energy. They closed out with Without God and Murder with Anders on vocals and Jonas playing guitar. The sound quality was bad though, at least where I was standing. All I could hear most of the time was the bass and the drums, with guitars completely drowned out in the mix. I was standing very close to the front railing to the left near the merchandise stand, so I might have been in that in-between area where the amps were pointed toward the middle and the venue speakers weren't getting to me.

However, when Opeth came on, in that very same spot, everything sounded so much better. Even without the growls, there were some seroiusly heavy parts and blast-beats. All the songs worked great with Porcelain Heart perhaps being a surprise of how good it sounded live. The new Katatonia guitar player came on dressed like a "sexy waitress" to bring Mikael some beer at one point during the show, and that was funny. They closed the show with Folklore, and then came on for encore and did two Bloodbath songs (Jonas, Anders, Axe, the new Katatonia guitar player and Mikael). I think that one was called Eating or something like that, and I am not sure about the other one. The crowd went crazy.

But I don't think that the crowd deserved this treat. It was one of the most obnoxious and disrespectful crowds that I have ever been around. While I could swallow the constant shouting and screaming for Demon of the Fall and other hits in between the songs, the occasional insults referring to the "softness" of Opeth and the amount of talking during the slow parts were annoying. And now there are more slow parts than ever before. At times, like during Nepenthe, I felt like I was at a dinner party with some music playing in the background and people chatting. I don't know why these people even bother coming to shows and paying for tickets when they can do the same back home and not disrupt others.

Overall, Opeth was on, and sound quality was great, but the crowd was annoying. I am looking forward to seeing Opeth again though - I think that their new stuff works great live!
And the fact that the crowd was shitty makes me feel worse.
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