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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Are you kidding? I've seen all of those songs live except the stuff off the latest CD. I might have even seen 'The One To Sing The Blues' before too.

Seriously, Going To Brazil again? Killed By Death again? Orgasmatron again? Stay Clean again?

Changing the set up doesn't mean "dropping the ones we put in last year for the ones we took out from the year before".

Although yes, Metropolis can go on the "never needs to be played again" list, for sure.

Orgasmatron is a godlike song. It should never leave the set. It has just the same value as Ace of Spades and Overkill. And Killed By Death is Motorhead's best song ever, so . Going To Brazil, hey, any 1916 is good in my book. Sure I'd rather hear Shut You Down or I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care but what ya gonna do?
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