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Queensryche -- New York, NY -- October 31st, 2011

What an amazing, special night to see this band. I did not originally plan on attending this until news broke last week that 'Rage For Order' would be performed in it's entirety. I knew at that moment that this could not be missed. The band was super tight and Geoff sounded great on the mic. I hope that they do this again so more people get to experience these rarely played songs.

1. Get Started
2. Damaged
3. I Don't Believe In Love
4. Hit The Black
5. I'm American
6. My Empty Room
7. Neue Regel
8. The Whisper
9. I Dream In Infrared
10. Gonna Get Close To You
11. Surgical Strike
12. London
13. Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
14. I Will Remember
15. The Killing Words
16. Screaming In Digital
17. Walk In The Shadows

18. Jet City Woman
19. Empire
20. Eyes Of A Stranger
21. Anarchy X
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