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GWAR -- Chicago, IL -- October 31st, 2011

Return of the World Maggot Tour 2011
House of Blues, Chicago
W/Every Time I Die, Ghoul

Every Time I Die:
Bored Stiff
No Son of Mine
The Marvelous Slut
She's My Rushmore
Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space (new Song)
I Been Gone a Long Time

GWAR: (same as the previous nights, help)
Zombies, March!
A Gathering Of Ghouls
Storm Is Coming
Eighth Lock
Crack In The Egg
Bring Back The Bomb
Immortal Corruptor
KZ Necromancer
Hail, Genocide!
Metal Metal Land
Let Us Slay
Damnation Under God
The Uberklaw
Ham On The Bone
The Salaminizer
Sick Of You

Holy crap, what a show!

First band up was Ghoul, who were pretty amazing despite the venue being about 1/3 full when they played. We had a nice pit going on the whole time, and I got a bit of blood sprayed on me to warm me up for Gwar! A lot of their songs sounded similar, and I didn't get the set, but it all sounded great. Graveyard Mosh was the highlight for me.

Next up was the band I was primarily there for, Every Time I Die. And holy shit, they brought it. I didn't know what to expect since I feel like their fans don't really crossover with the Gwar/Ghoul crowd, but as soon as they got on the venue filled up quick and almost everybody went insane. Since it was Halloween, the came out dressed up in only speedoes and Chippendales bow ties! Fucking hilarious. I love their sense of humor. I have a hard time classifying them musically, but if any one word embodied them best, I'd call it "Partycore". Tons of crowdsurfing and crazy moshes, including some big hardcore guys throwing down a lot. Not those skinny kids, either: there were two huge, 250+ pound dudes in Integrity and Warzone shirts going at it. The Integrity guy kept kneeling down so we could vault off him. Very fun! And holy shit, when they build up a song to a breakdown, they reeeeeally break it down. Probably the heaviest breakdowns I've seen live. It put deathcore to shame.

Then Gwar... my first time seeing them, and I didn't really know what to expect, but it was way crazier than I anticipated. As soon as the lights dimmed, everybody pushed to the front, and for the first half of the set, I was caught in one of the most crushing crowds I've ever experienced. EVERYBODY needed to get blood on themselves. There was a decent pit, too, but the floor was so crowded it ended up like everybody was moving back and forth like a giant wave. Other than that, all I can say was it was really, really fun. I can't see how any human being can go to a Gwar show and not have fun.

Couple of other things:

I crowdsurfed once during Gwar to make sure I got sprayed nice and good, which I did, but when I was getting pulled down by security, some asshole in the front actually had the complete audacity to grab onto my left foot, and try to pry my shoe off! Hey, fuckhead, I still have a RIGHT foot. And I can see you. Only time I've intentionally hurt someone at a show, and I felt good about it.

And I had the thought: I wonder what Gwar would be like if they dressed up like normal guys and put on a traditional concert? They'd probably have trouble filling up Reggie's-sized venues. Whoever's call it was to decide to wear ridiculous costumes on stage made the best unintentional business decision in history.

Anyway, sick concert, had tons of fun, and would see any of those bands again in a heartbeat! I'm not sure how it sized up to previous Gwar tours, but I had a blast.

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