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Originally Posted by SirLardsAlot View Post
A local band named Creation's End took the stage shortly after 7:00. They were okay, I couldn't take them very seriously because I thought the singer sounded like Charlie singing "Nightman" in Always Sunny. But oh well, they were good as an opener.
...but Creation's End are awesome. Also, while most of the guys do live in the NYC area, lead guitarist Marco Sfogli is from Italy, and they do have an album out on a legit label with distribution all over the world. Also, that singer you're making fun of is Mike Dimeo (ex-Riot, ex-Masterplan) - one of my favorite vocalists.

Originally Posted by SirLardsAlot View Post
1. The Brave
2. Futureal
3. Lord of the Flies
4. When Two Worlds Collide
5. Voices From the Past
6. The Launch
7. Steel
8. Killing Machine
9. Virus
10. Look for the Truth
11. Kill and Destroy
12. Blood and Belief
13. Man on the Edge
14. Manhunt
15. Robot
16. The Clansman

-- ENCORE --

17. Stare at the Sun
18. I Like it Hot
Meh. I guess I shouldn't be bitching because I ended up missing the show, but in the end this setlist makes me a little less angry. Only doing 1 song from Tenth Dimension? Failure. He should've done Sign of the Cross instead of The Clansman, dumped some of the Wolfsbane stuff, and done The Tenth Dimension, Speed of Light, and Born as a Stranger instead. Also, swap out the title track of Blood and Belief with Ten Seconds. At least he played Stare at the Sun though. That's the ultimate gem of his solo catalog.
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