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Warbringer -- Kansas City, MO -- October 30th, 2011

1. Living Weapon
2. Severed Reality
3. Shoot To Kill
4. Jackal
5. Shattered Like Glass
6. Demonic Ecstasy
7. Future Ages Gone
8. At The Crack Of Doom
9. Prey For Death
10. Total War
11. Living In A Whirlwind
12. Combat Shock

They played all these, but the order might be wrong. They absolutely slayed. By far the best time I've seen them. I almost lost my voice from screaming along to Shattered Like Glass, Total War, and Combat Shock. So much fun.

LaZarus A.D. included:

Damnation For The Weak
Absolute Power
The Ultimate Sacrifice
Black Rivers Flow

LaZarus was also much better than the times I've seen them before, but they still haven't quite won me over. When they were good ol' thrash, it was pretty awesome, but there was a bit too much Pantera worship for me.

Landmine Marathon included:

Bile Towers
Shadows Fed To Tyrants

Honestly if Warbringer wasn't playing, I would've left after Landmine Marathon. Absolutely blew me away. Great sound, too. Grace Perry is one of the best harsh vocalists I've ever heard.

Diamond Plate included:

Generation Why?
At The Mountains Of Madness
Empire Tomorrow

These dudes ripped as well. It's kinda crazy seeing how they're so young, but they can hold their own with the best of em. Their lead guitarist can really pull off amazing solos too.

I caught the last few songs of Vanlade. Awesome as always. Missed Meat Shank, but they're always solid.

Warbringer: 9/10
LaZarus A.D.: 7/10
Landmine Marathon: 9/10
Diamond Plate: 8.5/10
Vanlade: 8/10
1/26 - Inquisition w/ Truckfighters
1/29 - Alcest w/ The Body
2/11 - Marduk w/ Incantation
2/16 - Pain of Salvation
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