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Cannabis Corpse -- Chicago, IL -- October 29th, 2011

This was a headlining one-off show for Cannabis Corpse from their Black Dahlia Murder/All Shall Perish tour. And this show was a lot better than I expected it to be! The venue was at Pancho's which is a Mexican bar/restaurant in Chicago, next to a HUGE police station. At first you'd think "Oh great, this is gonna blow" but really the place was really cool! The people there were really nice as well! It was just a small room with a bar on the left right when you walk in and a stage towards the back. There were a lot of people in costumes as well, my favorites being Kick-Ass, Freddie Mercury, and not at the show, but some guy riding down the street on a bike dressed like Batman. Damn, the economy has really hit people hard, especially Batman!

There were 3 opening bands. The first one was one guy on a guitar singing like pop-rock songs... Why the hell is this guy opening for Cannabis Corpse? Anyway, this was one of the times where I'm incredibly grateful you can go outside and come back.

Next up was a White Zombie tribute band, and wow, they were amazing! The singer can really match Zombie's style of singing, plus he managed to look like him from back in the 90s! The band was spot on with everything! My favorite song from them was probably Creature of the Wheel.

The last opener before Cannabis Corpse was Chicago Thrash Ensemble, and I didn't really dig them too much. They play more hardcore punk with some thrash really. They just released an album, I guess, so they were playing all of that. Anyway...

Cannabis Corpse! These guys shredded and killed! They sounded amazing and all the members are incredibly good at their instruments! There was also a guy in the pit dressed as a giant bud, that was hilarious and awesome! But they put on an amazing show and the crowd was really good for them!

Cannabis Corpse:
Sentenced to Burn One
Fucked With Northern Lights
Blunted At Birth
Mummified In Bong Water
Disposal of the Baggy
Dead By Bong
Skull Full of Bong Hits
Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
Shit of Pot Seeds
Gateways To Inhalation
I Will Smoke You
Reefer Stashed Place
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