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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
You got me dude. I fucked up.
5 minutes later at 3 am, and I got caught!!

Yes, Set is the same as the chicago riot thing.

would yall believe C.O.C. opened and another band Ikillya?? before i got there.
no openers were listed anywhere!

tickets said doors 6p. first band started at 7:30
I'm being an asshole cause Jerry Only is a fucktard.

But seriously, that's fucking lame. He's advertising this as a once in a lifetime tour where he's going to play a bunch of old shit, then ends up doing 20 minutes of Samhain and 20 minutes of Misfits. People are going to expect to hear at least 30 minutes from each..

COC has been announcing that they are opening the shows for NYC and LA. I kept posting updates on here about the DL shows...
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