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Originally Posted by dimmudan View Post
By the way, jd how do you get your pictures to go directly into your post? I would like to be able to do the same. Thanks in advance for helping me.
Yeah, like Manks said, use the "Insert Image" button on the post options and enter the URL of your image. They need to be uploaded elsewhere online first (photobucket, facebook, etc) so you can copy the URL.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
But if you photos look like the ones above, you probably shouldn't bother
Hey, you filthy lobsterback, I thought they looked fine!

Originally Posted by dimmudan View Post
Anyone else concerned about how skinny Mikael looks these days? I have never seen him so skinny. I hope he doesn't have a drug problem. His arms were crazy skinny. Anyone else notice that? I would hate to lose another great musician but I am probably totally jumping to conclusions. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders but you never know.
Yeah, that was actually the first thing I noticed when he walked out, and forgot to mention it. He was joking about drugs earlier in the show, saying something about getting completely wasted on heroin and cocaine since they were huge rockstars, then the next song had this big talk with us saying he didn't actually do drugs other than alcohol. He does considers himself a semi-alcoholic. He said he smoked pot once, and that day he ended up "pouring an entire bottle of vodka down the owner of Century Media's throat", so he didn't do it again. I think I believe him there; what reason would he have to lie?
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