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Between The Buried And Me -- Silver Spring, MD -- October 28th, 2011

The concert took place at The Fillmore Silver Spring, which is a new venue that just opened last month. The venue is pretty nice, although the bar prices were a couple dollars higher than other venues of comparable size. Also, a word of warning... If you plan to tailgate at this venue, don't park in the parking garage that is listed on The Fillmore's website. As we were leaving the garage, we saw the cops hassling concertgoers and writing citations.

As for the show, the start time on the ticket was 7:00pm. But that must have been when the doors opened, because the show didn't start until 8:00pm. BTBAM took the stage at 10:00pm and played for about 90 minutes. Here's the setlist:

Augment of Rebirth
(B) The Decade Of Statues
Disease, Injury, Madness
Specular Reflection
Old Albums Medley
White Walls

Picture of the setlist:

The "Old Albums Medley" included Alaska and All Bodies, plus a few other songs from their first 2 albums that I don't know the names of. Blake also did an awesome drum solo during one of the songs, I think it was Specular Reflection.

I don't have the TesseracT or Animals As Leaders setlists. Perhaps someone else could confirm if they were the same as the show the night before?
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