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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Seriously why all the fucking hate for Lazarus A.D.?

Wahhhhh they put out a mid tempo, Melodic album, Wahhhhhh!!!!

It's a damn good album. Yeah Thrash purists will hate it, but real music fans can really enjoy it. I'm glad they didn't put out a pure Thrash album again, all of the new Thrash bands are doing that, and very few are standing out anymore, like Revocation, Vektor.

Don't get me wrong, I love Thrash. After Prog, Thrash is my favorite genre of Metal, but there's gotta be some variation in it. Hell, it isn't Metalcore, Nu Metal, or Djent. Somethings gotta be original at some point.
I dunno about everybody else, but I just cannot stand their vocalist. The music is decent, but the vocalist annoys the living fuck out of me.
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