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Warbringer -- Chicago, IL -- October 27th, 2011

Fantastic show! Warbringer, Landmine Marathon and Diamond Plate all killed! There was an opening band called Witchbanger. They play doom metal and... it was pretty generic and boring, and VERY loud.

Diamond Plate, who I know for sure are getting a lot more attention now that they're on this tour, felt great to be home and put on a great show for us.

Diamond Plate:
Entertainment Today
Generation Why?
Pull the Trigger
At the Mountains of Madness
Empire Tomorrow

Now the reason I came to this show was for Landmine Marathon. I knew they were going to be sick as hell, and that they were! Sadly there weren't a lot of people moshing for them, which is kind of what I expected but hey they still put on a sick show! I also met Grace Perry after the show, she was very cool! I don't have a set list because I'm not really that familiar with their material song title wise, so if Brian sees this maybe he can help since he's a much bigger fan.

Landmine Marathon:
Three Snake Leaves
Shadows Fed To Tyrants
Bile Towers
Beaten and Left Blind
Dead Horses
Red Days

Didn't watch Lazarus A.D. because fuck Lazarus A.D.

Now we all know Warbringer have been on a ton of tours in the past, usually opening or direct support, so it was a matter of time before they get the attention they deserved and did a headlining run of the U.S. and Canada! This was my 4th time seeing them, and as always, they put on a hell of a show! I know they love Chicago, and they made sure to put on a better show than usual for us! Some notable highlights during their set was John Kevill "accidentally" calling Chicago a country, and Konrad (lead guitarist of Diamond Plate) playing guitar for Abandoned by Time. Oh, and the incredible amount of energy they have on stage, how could I forget that?!

Living Weapon
Severed Reality
Shoot To Kill
Shattered Like Glass
Demonic Ecstasy
Wake Up... Destroy
Abandoned By Time (with Konrad from Diamond Plate on guitar)
Prey For Death
Total War
Living In A Whirlwind
Combat Shock
We Are The Roadcrew (Motorhead cover)
Treacherous Tongue

Overall, great show! I'm tired and sore as hell from the madness, but that's how you know it was a great show!
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