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Ace went on at 9:15 - 11pm

It was so freaking good, i went back to the 2nd show at BB's on wed night too! Second show wasn't as smooth. they stopped and restarted 2 songs, (love her all i can, flaming youth)... but thats cool. Proves it was ALL LIVE, no bullshit backing in the PA that they play along to. OH, Ace wears dark shades the whole time, and during his solo at the end he ventured a little too far to stage right and actually fell off, but he was caught and didnt hurt himself. He changed the guitar that obviously fell out of tune. and marched on. Eddie Trunk came out to stir up the crowd for the encores and was wearing a shirt that said "Rock and Roll Hall of Shame - Disgrace"
I couldn't agree more. I will never pay any attention to any RARHOF anything until they rectify this ridiculous and INTENTIONAL oversight, of not just Kiss, but Deep Purple, Rush, Journey, and many other more than deserving hard rock and metal bands. Too many to mention.

Also, I wouldv'e liked to hear outerspace as the opener too, but i am not gonna complain. It was a great set. I'll try to get to the book signing
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