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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
JD, you just got me into Gallows hahaha, I might go check out the show near my house on November 8th
I'm telling you, they were amazing live! I'm getting more and more into their CD's, too. Got a very unique sound.

Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
damn Gallows wasn't nearly as crazy at my date. The frontman even got pissed at some douche who was trying to start fights, and he kept complimenting himself for not fucking up a song since it was only has 5th show apparently. He never went into the crowd and started moshing. Still it was a good performance, I definitely see where you're coming from by labeling them dirty.

+ Four Year Strong actually didn't consist of the "lets get closer to the band" kids. Surprisingly the whole place was nonstop moshing and crowdsurfing. There are chairs at the side of the venue and needless to say many of them made it into the crowd and people were jumping off them.
Hmm, that sucks. I remember looking up some videos of Gallows live earlier on the tour, and everybody was just standing around looking bored, so I thought it was gonna be very meh last night. Maybe people just go harder in Chicago?

And there was a lot of moshing going on for Four Year Strong, just the pit wasn't as big since everybody wanted to get close and jump up and down. Which is fine by me, I think that's fun to do at a concert.

Originally Posted by Statutory-Mike View Post
that title fight set is making me think I might have to go now
I wish I didn't miss 1/3 of it getting my hand wrapped up, but yeah, DAT SET! It was awesome. I need to see them headline in some small shitty venue someday.
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