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Decapitated -- Montreal, Quebec -- October 26th, 2011

Venue: Foufounes Électriques

Another great concert! Derelict are a local melodic/technical death metal band. They were really good and they're really cool guys.

Rings of Saturn were fucking incredible, I loved the litteraly crazy aspect of their music. It was heavy as hell and their frontman is one of the best I've ever seen; he's really funny. My only complaint is that you could barely hear the second guitar, so it sounded wierd at some moments.

Fleshgod Apocalypse were disappointing once more, they only played one song from their first album and the sound wasn't so great: the kick drums were way too loud and the keyboards were almost inaudible. In my opinion, the new songs are kinda boring, especially if you don't hear the keyboard, because they sacrificed their original neo-classical influenced riffs in order to make space for the keyboard, and thus make more accessible music (a more Nuclear Blast/semi-commercial sound). If they brought back more songs from "Oracles" I would be glad to see them again.

Then, Decrepit Birth played. I wasn't expecting that much from them, because I had re-listened to some of their songs lately and they didn't catch my attention. However, they completely blew my expectations: they were the best band of the evening. Every riff sounded heavy and clear. The musicians had an enormous presence on the stage (Derek Boyer contributing a lot to this), and Bill Robinson is a very charismatic frontman. At some point, he put two copies of "Polarity" on the stage and he challenged the crowd to get through him and grab them. The two CDs ended up being taken by girls, the second girl wrestled Bill and almost threw him off the stage . That was one of the funny moments of the show. The crowd went nuts for them: there were huge pits (one lasting about two minutes with no music and just Bill talking ), stage dives and even a wall of death. It seems I'm going to have to give a second chance to their albums!

Finally, Decapitated came in and they were great, but I think they could have played at least two more songs. The setlist was disappointing, because they played only 10 songs, and 5 of them were from the new album, which is my least favourite from them (although "Pest" is a fucking good song). They should have at least have played one from "The Negation"; "The Fury" would have been perfect. Also, I thought that the new singer isn't that much of a good frontman: he's always asking the crowd to chant or scream in moments when we just want to headbang or to mosh, though I have to say that his vocals sound a lot better live than on CD. Anyway, it still was a really fun show, mainly because of Vogg's impeccable guitar playing and Krimh's powerful drumming. The two last songs were my highlights, "Winds of Creation" being my favourite album by them and "Spheres of Madness" being one of the best live songs ever. During every second of that last song, everyone (including me) just went completely crazy in the pit. It was a great way to end this concert; once again I had a great time!


Summoning the Firestorm
Yours To Surpass
The Blood of Life

Rings of Saturn

Grinding of Internal Organs
Embryonic Anomaly
Annihilating the Pure
Corpses Thrown Across the Sky
Seized and Devoured

Fleshgod Apocalypse

The Hypocrisy
In Honour of Reason
The Violation
The Egoism
Thru Our Scars

Decrepit Birth

Of Genocide
Diminishing Between Worlds
Prelude to the Apocalypse
The Resonance
The Infestation


The Knife
Day 69
Post(?) Organic
(Dance Macabre)
Mother War
Homo Sum
Winds of Creation
Spheres of Madness
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