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TOP 25...

The 2nd song on this list off this masterpiece of an album. I never noticed the similarity JRA mentioned between this and Mutialtion before but I kinda hear it now. Maybe that explains why they've both been my 2 favorite songs off this cd for years. While most bands start an album off with their best songs I noticed at least 5 of my Top 25 are the last songs on the album including #1. I didn't notice that before but it's kinda interesting.

Maybe I can finally get that "nose to the mirror" verse from You Say I'm Scum outta my head now. hahaha

#25 - Death - Scream Bloody Gore
11/17 - Static, PM5K & Head Charge
11/19 - Slipknot
11/30 - Hed PE
12/10 - Chevelle

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